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TM9=2815-202-34 8-11.  MAXIMUM  NO  LOAD  SPEED  ADJUSTMENT  (DUAL  RANGE  LIMITING SPEED   GOVERNOR)   (Cent) NOTE Removing  shims  will  decrease  engine  speed  and  adding  shims  will  increase  the engine  speed.  Each  0.010  inch  shim  will  change  engine  speed  approximately  10  RPM. h. Remove or add shims (1 and 2) as required in piston (3) to adjust engine speed. i. Place sleeve (12) into piston (3) and insert into governor spring housing (6). j. Position governor spring housing (6) with two gaskets (7) and cover (5) on governor housing (1 O) and secure with two bolts (9) and two Iockwashers  (8). l l l WARNING Avoid contact with hot manifolds, pulleys, avoid  personal  Injury. Wear  proper  ear  protection  when  running engine  can  cause  hearing  loss  or  injury. and other moving parts to engine.  Noise  volume  of Protective  turbocharger  air  Inlet  shield  must  be  Installed  prior  to  doing maintenance  when  engine  Is  running  and  ah’  inlet  has  been  removed. Contact  with  rotating  blades  will  cause  injury  to  personnel. CAUTION Run engine in clean area when air intake ducting  is  removed.  Dirt,  dust,  and  particles in  unfiltered  air  can  enter  engine  and  damage  parts  or  cause  mechanical  failure. k.  Checking  HIGH  MAXIMUM  NO-LOAD  ENGINE  SPEED (1) Start engine. (2) Move  speed  control  lever  (11  )  to  maximum  speed  position. (3) Apply oil or air pressure to governor and note engine speed. (4) Discontinue oil or air pressure to governor. (5) Stop engine. If additional adjustment is needed, repeat steps f thru k. 8-28


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