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TM9-2815-202-34 . * 1.  Adjusting  LOW  MAXIMUM  NO-LOAD  SPEED (1) Loosen nut (13) and hold  speed control lever (11 ) in maximum  speed  position. NOTE Turn adjusting screw (4) in to increase or out to decrease the engine speed. (2) Adjust screw  (4)  to  obtain  low  maximum  speed  1350-1375  RPM. (3) Hold screw and secure nut to  cover  (5). m.  Recheck  both  high  maximum  and  low  maximum  engine  speeds.  Make  adjustments  if  necessary as outlined in steps b thru m. l END   OF   TASK FOLLOW-ON  MAINTENANCE l Para   Description 8-13   Adjust   buffer   screw 8 - 29


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