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TM    9-2815-202-34 3-2.   CLEANING   AND   GENERAL   REPAIR   INSTRUCTIONS   (Cont) (c) Remove and replace studs as outlined in (d and e) below. (d) Removal. 1.  Using  stud  extractor,  back  studs  out  slowly  to  avoid  heating  and  possible  seizure. 2. When studs are broken off too short to use stud extractor, drill stud and extract with an easy out remover. 3. Short studs may also be removed by welding a bar or nut to stud and removing with a wrench. (e)  Replacement. 1.  Only  standard  studs  are  supplied  for  replacement  in  steel  or  cast  iron  castings. 2. Unless threads in casting are damaged beyond repair, use standard studs. 3. If threaded openings are damaged and retapping will not clean up threads, drill and tap  opening  in  casting  and  install  a  threaded  insert. NOTE Studs may have a coarse thread on one end and a fine thread on the other end. The coarse  threads  on  both  ends  are  used  in  particular  applications  and  normally  the  short threaded  end  is  in  the  aluminum  casting.  All  replacement  studs  have  a  special  coating and  must  have  a  small  amount  of  mica-base  antiseize  compound  (MIL-A-13881) applied  on  the  threads  before  the  studs  are  installed  in  casting.  Thread  replacement stud  into  opening  slowly  to  prevent  overheating. (5) Gears. (a)  Replace  all  gears  that  are  cracked,  worn,  pitted,  galled  or  do  not  conform  to  tolerances specified in repair standards in App G. (b)  Remove  sharp  fins  and  burrs  from  gear  teeth  with  crocus  cloth  dipped  in  cleaning (6) Bushing and Bushing Type Bearings. When bushings and bushing type bearings are damaged  or  worn  beyond  specified  limits  (App  G),  generally  associated  parts  must  also  be replaced. Reference to (a) and (b) below will be made in Chapters 4 thru 7 for the particular part  in  which  replacement  of  bushings  and  bushing  type  bearings  is  required. (a) Removal. Remove bushing and bushing type bearings by pressing out with a suitable arbor press or with special tools provided. (Refer to App B for listing of special tools and equipment). (b) Installation. 1. Aline bushings or bushing type bearings in casting or retaining cage. 2. Press into place with arbor press or with the special tools provided. 3. Clean repaired parts thoroughly before assembly or installation. 3-6


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