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TM    9-2815-202-34 4.  Bushing  type  bearings  are  machined  for  proper  clearance  and  need  no  reaming. (7)  Oil  Seals.  Oil  seals  must  be  replaced  when  thin  feather  edge  is  damaged  or  when  seal material has become hard or brittle. (a) Removal. Press or  pry damaged oil seal from casting or adapter being careful not to damage bore in casting or adapter. (b)   Repair. 1. When oil seal bore in casting or adapter is burred or damaged to a point where an oil tight seal is impossible, replace casting or adapter. 2. Remove slight nicks, burrs and scratches from bore in casting or adapter with crocus cloth dipped in cleaning solvent. (c) Installation. Install new oil seal in bore of casting or adapter using proper oil seal replacer tool. d.    Disassembly/Assembly    Instructions (1)  General.  Extreme  care  must  be  exercised  in  all  component  assembly  operations  to  insure satisfactory  engine  performance.  Precautionary  rules  for  assembly  are  outlined  below. (2)   Precautionary   Rules. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (9) Cleanliness  is  essential  in  all  component  assembly  operations. Dirt and dust, even in minute quantities, are abrasive. Parts must be cleaned as specified and kept clean. Wrap  or  cover  parts  and  components  when  assembly  procedures  are  not  immediately completed. Coat all bearings and all contact surfaces with engine oil (App C, Item 16) to insure lubrication of parts during initial engine starting. Replace  all  gaskets  and  preformed  packings  removed  in  disassembly.  Clean  and remove all traces of gasket material from surfaces. Store all fastening hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, and flat washers) in or with the related component to assist in reassembly. 3 -7


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