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TM 9-2815-202-34 8-20.   ENGINE   RUN-IN This task covers: a. Run-In Procedure b. Horsepower Correction and Acceptance Test INITIAL SETUP MODELS EQUIPMENT   CONDITION All Para  Description TOOLS AND SPECIAL TOOLS General mechanics tool kit  (App B, Item 96) 8-19 Engine prepared for run-in CAUTION Observe engine operation closely at all times. Operator must detect malfunctions which may develop early. Correct minor problems immediately so that major problems will not develop and cause engine damage. a.  Run-In  Procedure l l I n l 9 l 9 l NOTE When any original bearings, piston rings, pistons, or cylinder liners were replaced during repair, use the long run-in schedule  (Table 8-2). When all original bearings, piston rings, pistons, or cylinder liners were reused during repair, use the short run-in schedule (Table 8-3) or (Table 8-3.1) for model 7083-7391 only. During Period 1, Table 8-2, 8-3, or 8-3.1; remove rocker arm covers, inspect for fuel oil and coolant leaks in the rocker arm compartment, and install rocker arm covers (Refer to  Para 4-1 1). After completion of Period 2, Table 8-2 or 8-3; adjust governor gap (Refer to  Para 8-6). After completion of Period 8, Table 8-2; Period 5, Table 8-3; or Period 4, Table 8-3.1; adjust idle speed (Refer to  Para 8-1 O), no-load speed (Refer to Para 8-11 for dual range limiting speed governor or Para 8-12 for limiting speed governor), and governor buffer screw (Refer to  Para 8-13). 8-48 Change 1


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