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TM9-2815-202-34 Section Il.  ENGINE  REPAIR  SPECIFICATIONS  (Cont) POINT  OF  MEASUREMENT MINIMUM MAXIMUM LIMIT (inches) (inches) (inches) CYLINDER  HEAD  ASSEMBLY  (Cont) Rocker  Arms  and  Shafts Diameter of rock arm shaft Shaft-to-bushing  clearance Inside diameter of rocker arm shaft bushing Valve and Push Rod Springs Free length of push rod spring Compressed length of push-rod spring (184 lb force) BLOWER  ASSEMBLY Blower  Timing  Gears Blower timing gear backlash Rotors Rotor-to-gear side of housing clearance Rotor-to-float side of housing clearance Clearance between rotors Trailing edge of of right hand rotor to leading edge of left hand rotor Leading edge of right hand rotor to trailing edge of left hand rotor BLOWER  BY-PASS  ASSEMBLY By-pass  valve  spring  load (at  2.65  inches) 0.8735 0.8740 l 0.0010 0.0025 0.0040 0.8750 0.8760 l 2.625 l 2.125 172 lb 0.0005 0.010 0.012 0.013 0.020 0.0025 0.0040 100 lb ll0  lb G - 6 Change 1


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