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TM  9-2815-202-34 3-3. ENGINE  FROM/TO  CONTAINER   -   12268285   (Cont) (2)  Protection  of  Unserviceable Assemblies.  The  following  methods should  be  used  in  protecting  any unserviceable   engine   assembly. (a) Loosen clamp (33) securing hose (34) to left rocker arm cover breather (35). Remove hose. NOTE For models 7083-7391 and 7083-7396, removal of left rocker arm cover requires removal of turbocharger air outlet tube. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (9) (h) (i) Loosen four clamps (39) connecting air outlet tube (40) to turbocharger  and  air  inlet.  Slide two hoses (41 ) onto outlet tube and remove tube. Remove two rocker arm cover bolts (36), two flat washers (37), and two rubber isolators (38). Remove left rocker arm cover (42). Remove rocker arm covers (42). Slowly pour one-half gallon of engine oil over valves and valve train  components  of  cylinder head. Reinstall rocker arm cover (42). Install two bolts (36), two flat washers  (37),  and  two  rubber isolators (38). Torque bolts to 15-20 Ib-ft (20-27 N-m). Repeat  steps  (a),  (c),  (d),  (e),  and (f)  for  right  rocker  arm  cover. Install hose (34) and clamp (33) on rocker cover arm breather inlet (35). Tighten clamp. Install air outlet tube (40) with two hoses (41 ) and four clamps (39) between air inlet and turbocharger.  Slide  hoses  onto air  inlet  and  turbocharger connections.  Tighten  clamps. 3-12 Change  1


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