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TM  9-2815-202-34 3-3.  ENGINE  FROM/TO  CONTAINER   -  12268285  (Cont) (4) Attach rear mounting bracket (18) (with the 2 inch radius cutout on starter side of engine) to flywheel end using two bolts (28), and two bolts (29), six flat washers (30), four Iockwashers (31), and two nuts (32). WARNING Never  crawl  under  equipment when  performing  maintenance unless  equipment  is  securely blocked.  Keep  clear  of equipment when it is being raised  or  lowered.  Do  not allow heavy components to swing  while  suspended  by lifting  device.  Exercise extreme  caution  when  working near  a  cable  or  chain  under tension. Equipment may drop or shift and injury to personnel may  result. NOTE Use three-legged sling to lift engine model 7083-7395. Use four-legged sling  to  lift  engine  models 7083-7391 and 7083-7396. (5) (6) (7) 3-14 Lower  engine  into  container using a multi-leg sling (21). (20) Aline  mounting  brackets  with  holes  in the  container  rails. NOTE On  model  7083-7395,  aline mounting  brackets  with  holes  on left and right container rails (front of  container  has  nameplate. On models 7083-7391 and 7083-7396, aline mounting brackets with holes on front. Fasten  front U-shaped bracket (12) to container  rail  (13),  underside  with  two bolts (8) and two bevel washers (9). On upper side, secure with two Iockwashers  (10),  and  two  nuts  (1  1). Change  1


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