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TM 9-2815-220-24
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REPAIR (Continued)
Painted Parts
The reconditioning of painted parts is a matter of good judgment. Parts that appear to be in
good condition after cleaning need not be stripped and repainted in their entirety, but should be
cleaned and designated for touch-up only.
Parts that are rusted or otherwise devoid of paint must be stripped to bare metal. Rubber
composition shroud seals must be removed and discarded before the parts can be stripped of
Retouch or repaint parts to their original color in accordance with procedures contained in
TM 43-0139, Painting Instructions for Field Use. Install new replacement seals as necessary.
Preformed Packings, O-rings and Gaskets
When directed within a step to remove and discard preformed packings, o-rings and gaskets,
replace all that are removed. Do not reuse them.
Shafts and Spindles
Compressed Air
Remove burrs and minor surface irregularities with a crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173) or soft
honing stone. Remove obstructions with compressed air or by probing with soft wire.
Snap Rings (Retaining Rings)
Replace defective snap rings using snap-ring pliers.
Splined Parts
1. Replace parts that are excessively worn or have twisted, cracked, or broken splines.
2. Remove burrs with a soft honing stone.
1. Discard defective springs. Length inspection data, where needed, is given in procedural work
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