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TM 9-2815-220-24
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1. See WP 0028 for Standard Cleaning Procedures.
a. Specific instructions for cleaning of cylinders are covered in WP 0135, Cylinder Assembly
All parts must be inspected with care. Replace parts if damage or wear exceeds allowable limits.
1. See WP 0028 for Standard Inspection Procedures.
a. Specific instructions for inspection of cylinders are covered in WP 0135, Cylinder
Assembly Repair.
Pistons are marked for orientation and identification to assure the
pistons are installed with proper orientation and in their original
location. Cylinder assemblies are also marked for original location.
The piston boss is stamped with arrows for
proper orientation when installed in the cylinder
assembly. The arrows on the piston pin bosses
must be pointed up, or to the exhaust outlet port.
The piston boss is also stamped with the
cylinder location to identify the cylinder from
which the piston was removed and to assure
piston will be returned to its original cylinder.
Cylinders are stamped with position markings at
the intake valve side (bottom) of valve rocker
arm cover flange.
Markings of any piston or cylinder must be
renewed if position marks and/or arrows are not
entirely legible.
Replacement piston must be marked to the
corresponding cylinder it is to be used with.
Always keep piston pin with its respective
When replacing damaged or worn pistons, it is important that all of
the engine pistons are the same size (oversize) and same weight; all
should have identical oversize and weight code markings.
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