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Cleaning solvent is mildly toxic. Solvent evaporates and both the
fumes and liquid are flammable. Continued contact with solvent
can cause skin problems.
Ensure there is good airflow when using solvent, and work area is
away from heat and flames.
 Keep fire extinguisher nearby.
 Do not breathe solvent fumes.
 Avoid skin contact. See Warning in front of Manual.
1. Remove minor imperfections of the vibration damper with crocus cloth (item 9, WP 0173)
dipped in cleaning solvent (item 8, WP 0173). Replace damper when imperfections cannot be
2. Replace vibration damper when dented, distorted, or if evidence of leaking is present.
The crankshaft damper is heavy and awkward. It requires a two-man
lift or a suitable lifting device. Use a 4-1/4 to 4-1/2-inch long bolt with
the head cut off and tapered (item 16 WP 0177) to facilitate
installation and removal.
WP 0140 00-4


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