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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-33. TASK SUMMARY (Contd) INITIAL SETUP (Contd): MATERIALS/PARTS (Contd) TROUBLESHOOTING REFERENCES Tachometer drive seal (15434) 212603 Para. 2-8 Shaft seal (15434) 019962 Two O-rings (15434) 68061-A EQUIPMENT CONDITION O-ring (15434) 100478    Refer to specific paragraph for this information. Gasket washer (15434) 3023870    Refer to TM 9-4910-777-14&P. Bellows (15434) 3013811    Refer to TM 9-4910-778-14&P. O-ring (15434) 45505 O-ring (15434) 45504 SPECIAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS O-ring (15434) 70775 Work area clean and away from blowing dust and O-ring (15434) 154088 dirt. O-ring (15434) 213768 Oil seal (15434) 203100 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Seat and seal assembly (15434) 3028294    Always wear eye protection when using corn- Oil seal (15434) 203101 pressed air. O-ring (15434) 145506    Eye protection required when removing control valve outer and inner springs.  Eye protection PERSONNEL REQUIRED required when removing slave piston retainer and Automotive repairman MOS 63H spring. Fuel and electrical system repairman MOS 63G    Diesel fuel is highly flammable.  Do not perform fuel pump testing and calibration procedures near REFERENCES (TM) fire, flames, or sparks. TM 9-2320-283-20    Use toxic chemicals in well-ventilated area only. TM 9-2320-273-20 Always wear safety shield, gloves, etc. List of Tasks TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF. NO. (PARA.) 1.   Engine Block Repair 3-34 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-34a b.  Cleaning 3-34b c.  Inspection and Repair 3-34c d.  Assembly 3-34d 2.   Cylinder Head and Valve Repair 3-35 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-35a b.  Cleaning 3-35b c.  Inspection and Repair 3-35c d.  Assembly and Testing 3-35d 3.   Vibration Damper and Crankshaft 3-36 2-8 Pulley Repair a.  Cleaning 3-36a b.  Inspection 3-36b 4.   Crankshaft Repair 3-37 2-8 a.  Cleaning 3-37a b.  Inspection 3-37b 3-80


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