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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-33. TASK SUMMARY (Contd) List of Tasks (Contd) TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF. NO. (PARA.) 5.   Flexplate or Flywheel, Flywheel Housing, and Rear Cover Repair 3-38 2-8 a.  Cleaning 3-38a b.  Inspection 3-38b 6.   Piston, Connecting Rod, and Bearing Repair 3-39 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-39a b.  Cleaning 3-39b c.  Inspection 3-39c d.  Assembly 3-39d 7.   Camshaft, Cam Follower, and Pushrod Repair 3-40 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-40a b.  Cleaning 3-40b c.  Inspection 3-40c d.  Assembly 3-40d 8.   Rocker Levers and Housing Repair 3-41 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-41a b.  Cleaning 3-41b c.  Inspection 3-41c d.  Assembly 3-41d 9.   Oil Cooler Repair 3-42 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-42a b.  Cleaning 3-42b c.  Inspection 3-42c d.  Assembly 3-42d 10.   Oil Pan, Dipstick, Oil Suction Tubes, and Breather Tube Repair 3-43 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-43a b.  Cleaning 3-43b c.  Inspection 3-43c d.  Assembly 3-43d 11.   Oil Pump Repair 3-44 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-44a b.  Cleaning 3-44b c.  Inspection 3-44c d.  Assembly 3-44d 3-81


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