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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 3-33. TASK SUMMARY (Contd) List of Tasks (Contd) TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF. REF. NO. (PARA.) 12.   Air Aftercooler Repair 3-45 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-45a b.  Cleaning 3-45b c.  Inspection 3-45c d.  Assembly 3-45d 13.   Exhaust Manifold Repair 3-46 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-46a b.  Cleaning 3-46b c.  Inspection 3-46c d.  Assembly 3-46d 14.   Turbocharger Repair 3-47 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-47a b.  Cleaning and Inspection 3-47b c.  Assembly 3-47c 15.   Front Gear Cover Repair 3-48 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-48a b.  Cleaning 3-48b c.  Inspection 3-48c d.  Assembly 3-48d 16.   Accessory Drive Repair 3-49 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-49a b.  Cleaning 3-49b c.  Inspection 3-49c d.  Assembly 3-49d 17.   Engine Retarder Repair 3-50 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-50a b.  Testing 3-50b c.  Assembly 3-50c 18.   Air Compressor Repair 3-51 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-51a b.  Cleaning 3-51b c.  Inspection and Repair 3-51c d.  Assembly 3-51d 19.   Fuel Injector Repair 3-52 2-8 a.  Disassembly 3-52a b.  Cleaning 3-52b c.  Inspection 3-52c d.  Assembly 3-52d 3-82


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