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TM 9-2815-225-34&P CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Section I.  GENERAL INFORMATION Section I.  General Information (page 1-1) Section II.  Equipment Description and Data (page 1-2) PARA. TITLE PAGE NO. NO. 1-1. Overview 1-1 1-2. Scope 1-1 1-3. Maintenance Forms, Records, and Reports 1-1 1-4. Destruction of Army Materiel to Prevent Enemy Use 1-1 1-5. Preparation for Storage and Shipment 1-2 1-6. Reporting Equipment Improvement Recommendations (EIRs) 1-2 1-7. Warranty Information 1-2 1-8. Equipment Characteristics, Capabilities, and Features 1-2 1-9. Location and Description of Major Components 1-3 1-10. Equipment Data 1-5 1-1.  OVERVIEW NOTE All  information  contained  in  this  manual  applies  to  both  M915  and  M915A4/Big  Cam  I  and M915A1 and M915A4/Big Cam III engines except where differences are specifically noted. This chapter familiarizes the technician with standard forms, record data, and the equipment to be maintained at the direct support and general support maintenance levels.  This information is covered in the following sections: Section I.  General Information Section II.  Equipment Description and Data 1-2.  SCOPE a. Type of Manual:  Direct Support and General Support Army Maintenance. b. Model Number and Name:  NTC-400, Cummins, six-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged diesel engine. c. Purpose of Equipment:    Engine for M915 through M920 and M915A4 Truck, Big Cam I. Engine for M915A1 and M915A4 Truck, Big Cam III. 1-3.  MAINTENANCE FORMS, RECORDS, AND REPORTS Department of the Army forms and procedures used for equipment maintenance will be those prescribed by DA Pam 738-750, The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS). 1-4.  DESTRUCTION OF ARMY MATERIEL TO PREVENT ENEMY USE Procedures for destruction of Army equipment to prevent enemy use can be found in TM 750-244-6. 1-1


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