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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 1-5.  PREPARATION FOR STORAGE AND SHIPMENT Information concerning storage or shipment of equipment can be found in TM 740-90-1.  Additional information concerning storage of Cummins NTC-400 engine can be found in Chapter 3, Maintenance. 1-6.  REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (EIRs) You can help improve this manual.  If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures, please let us know. You may mail, fax or email your letter, DA Form 2028, or DA Form 2028-2 direct to:  Commander, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments   Command,   ATTN:      AMSTA-LC-CIP-WT,   Rock   Island,   IL   61299-7630.      The   email   address   is   TACOM-TECH- PUBS@ria.armv.mil.  The fax number is DSN 793-0726 or Commercial (309) 782-0726. 1-7.  WARRANTY INFORMATION The Cummins diesel engine (model NTC-400) is warranted in accordance with TB 9-2300-295-15/21.  The warranty starts on the date found  in  block  23,  DA  Form  2408-9,  in  logbook.    Report  all  defects  in  material  or  workmanship  to  your  supervisor,  who  will  take appropriate action. Section II.  EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION AND DATA 1-8.  EQUIPMENT CHARACTERISTICS, CAPABILITIES, AND FEATURES NOTE '"M9151Big  Cam  I"  is  intended  and  will  be  written  hereafter  to  mean  M915  through  M920 series and M915A4 trucks with Big Cam I engines. a. The Cummins NTC-400 diesel engine is used on all M915 through M920, M915A1, and M915A4 trucks.  It is a turbocharged, liquid-cooled, overhead valve, four-cycle engine of in-line six-cylinder design.  The NTC-400 engine has a compression ratio of 13.5:  1 (M915)  and  14.0:    1  (M915A1),  and  develops  400  horsepower  at  2100  rpm.    Peak  torque  is  1150  lb-ft  at  1500  rpm  (M915)  and 1300 lb-ft at 1300 rpm (M915A1). b. The  following  engine  characteristics  and  features  apply  to  both  M915/Big  Cam  I  and  M915A1/Big  Cam  III  engines,  except where differences are noted. Camshaft:   2-1/2-inch  diameter  camshaft  with  gear  drive  controlling  all  valve  and  injector  movement.    Made  of  induction- hardened alloy steel.  Camshaft followers are roller type. Connecting Rods:  Drop-forged, rifle-drilled for pressure lubrication. Crankshaft:  High-tensile steel forging.  Bearing journals and fillets-induction hardened.  Fully counterweighted. Cylinder Block:  Alloy cast iron with removable wet liners. Cylinder Heads:  Each head serves two cylinders.  Drilled fuel supply and return lines.  High temperature inserts on exhaust valve seats. Turbocharger:    Model  T-50  (M915/Big  Cam  I);  Model  T-46-B,  which  has  a  redesigned  compressor  wheel,  compressor housing, turbine wheel and shaft, bearing housing assembly, location of oil inlet line, and vee bands (M915A1/Big Cam III). Exhaust Manifold:  Conventional log-type (M915/Big Cam I).  Pulse-type for less restriction (M915A1/Big Cam III). Fuel System:  Integral flywheel-type governor. Injectors:  Camshaft actuated top-stop type. 1-2


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