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TM 9-2815-225-34&P 1-8.  EQUIPMENT CHARACTERISTICS, CAPABILITIES, AND FEATURES (Contd) Intake Manifold:  Conventional aftercooler (M915/Big Cam I).  Triple-pass water aftercooler (M915A1/Big Cam III). Lubrication  Oil  Cooler:    Conventional  oil  cooler  and  filter  with  separately  mounted  bypass  oil  filter  on  engine  firewall (M915/Big Cam I).  Demand flow automatically regulates oil pressure, routes engine coolant through engine oil cooler twice. Engine and cooler core are made of cast aluminum and incorporates mounting adapters for spin-on type full-flow and bypass oil filters, and incorporates a bypass valve and pressure sending unit (M915A1/Big Cam III). Oil Pan:  Made of cast aluminum (M915(Big Cam I).  Made of stamped steel (M915A1/Big Cam III). Water Transfer Tube:  Made of cast iron (M915/Big Cam I).  Made of stamped, welded steel (M915A1/Big Cam III). 1-9.  LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR COMPONENTS Right and left views of the NTC-400 engine and its components are shown below and on the following page.  Identification can be made from the engine identification plate located on the gear case mounting flange of the engine block.  Because of changes made during production, some engines may have minor differences not shown in the following views. NOTE Below is a 3/4-view of right side of engine as viewed from front. 1-3


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