Quantcast Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd)

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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Table 2-1.  Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Step 4.   Check for improperly seated valves. Reseat or replace valves (para. 3-35). Step 5.   Check for incorrect injection timing. Adjust injection system timing (para. 3-72). 8.   LOW OIL PRESSURE Step 1.   Check pressure regulator. Free up pressure regulator or replace oil pump (paras. 3-19 and 3-74). Step 2.   Check for spun camshaft bushing. Replace camshaft bushing (para. 3-34). Step 3.   Inspect oil pump gasket. Replace gasket (para. 3-44). Step 4. Check for worn camshaft. Replace camshaft (para. 3-40). Step 5.   Check for worn crankshaft. Replace crankshaft and install new bearings (para. 3-37). Step 6. Inspect main bearings. Replace main bearings (para. 3-29). Step 7.   Inspect connecting rod bearings. Replace connecting rod bearings (para. 3-68). Step 8.   Inspect oil pump gears. Replace oil pump (paras. 3-19 and 3-74). Step 9.   Check for high oil temperature.  Inspect and clean oil cooler (para. 3-42). Step 10.     Check for worn main bearings, connecting rod bearings, and crankshaft.  Install new bearings and check crankshaft (paras. 3-68 and 3-69). 9.   ENGINE KNOCKS Step 1.   Check for broken piston. Replace piston (paras. 3-29 and 3-69). Step 2.   Check for broken injector cup. Repair injector (para. 3-52). Step 3.   Check for incorrect valve adjustment. Adjust valves (para. 3-85). Step 4.   Check for incorrect injector adjustment. Adjust injectors (para. 3-85). Step 5.   Check for loose connecting rod capscrews. a.  Tighten connecting rod capscrews to proper torque (para. 3-69). b.  Check bearings (para. 3-39). Step 6.   Check for worn connecting rod bearings. Replace connecting rod bearings (paras. 3-29, 3-39, and 3-69). 2-5


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