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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Table 2-1.  Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Step 3.   Check for stuck governor spring plunger. Free governor spring plunger (para. 3-60). Step 4.   Check for plugged governor barrel. Clean governor barrel (para. 3-61). 14.   FUEL LEAKS AT FUEL PUMP OR INJECTOR Step 1.   Check for faulty seals and O-rings in fuel pump. Install new seals and O-rings (para. 3-61). Step 2.   Check for mutilated injector O-rings. Replace injector mounting O-rings (paras. 3-23 and 3-82). Step 3.   Check for faulty fuel filter gasket. Replace gasket (paras. 3-58 and 3-62). 15.   ENGINE DOES NOT DEVELOP FULL POWER Step 1.   Check for damaged turbocharger. Repair turbocharger (para. 3-47). Step 2.   Check for improperly adjusted valves and injectors. Adjust valves and injectors (para. 3-85). Step 3.   Check for worn or scored fuel pump components. Repair or replace fuel pump (paras. 3-16, 3-56, and 3-78). Step 4.   Check for dirty fuel injector(s). Clean fuel injector(s) (para. 3-52). Step 5.   Check for scuffed cylinder liners. Replace cylinder liners (paras. 3-30 and 3-67). Step 6.   Check for incorrect injection timing. Adjust injection system timing (para. 3-72). Step 7.   Check for plugged electric shutoff (solenoid) valve. Clean electric shutoff valve (solenoid) (para. 3-57). Step 8.   Check for plugged fuel pump throttle control shaft. Clean or replace the fuel pump throttle control shaft (para. 3-62). Step 9.   Check for burned valves. Reface or replace valves and valve seats (para. 3-57). Step 10. Check for plugged Air Fuel Control (AFC) breather (check valve). Replace the AFC breather (para. 3-62). 16.   ENGINE MISSES OR RUNS ERRATICALLY Step 1.   Check for improperly adjusted valves and injectors. Adjust valves and injectors (para. 3-85). Step 2.   Check injector for leaking middle O-ring. Replace injector middle O-ring (paras. 3-23 and 3-82). Step 3.   Check for damaged rocker arms. Replace rocker arms (paras. 3-22 and 3-84). 2-8


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