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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Table 2-1.  Mechanical Troubleshooting (Contd). MALFUNCTION TEST OR INSPECTION CORRECTIVE ACTION Step 3. Check for defective injector(s). Repair or replace injectors (paras. 3-23, 3-52, and 3-82). Step 4. Check for broken piston. Replace piston (paras. 3-29 and 3-69). Step 5. Check for cracked or broken piston rings. Replace broken piston rings (para. 3-39). 21. LOW COMPRESSION Step 1. Check adjustment of valve and injectors. Adjust valves and injectors (para. 3-85). Step 2. Check for worn cylinder liners. Replace cylinder liners (paras. 3-30 and 3-67). Step 3. Check for leaking cylinder head gasket. Replace gasket (paras. 3-24 and 3-71). Step 4. Check for worn piston rings. Replace piston rings (paras. 3-29 and 3-69). Step 5. Check for incorrect timing. Adjust injection system timing (para. 3-72). Step 6. Check for valves not seating. Reface valves and seats (para. 3-35). 22. ENGINE OVERSPEED Step 1. Check for improperly adjusted governor. Adjust governor (para. 3-93). Step 2. Check for defective governor or fuel pump. Repair governor or fuel injection pump as necessary (paras. 3-61 and 3-56). 2-10


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