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TM 9-2815-225-34&P CHAPTER 3 MAINTENANCE Section I. General Maintenance Instructions Section II. Disassembly Section III. Repair Section IV. Assembly Section V. Testing Section VI. Storage Section I.  GENERAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS 3-1. OVERVIEW NOTE All information contained in this manual applies to both M915 and M915A4/Big Cam I and M915A1 and M915A4/Big Cam III engines except where differences are specifically noted. a. This chapter provides maintenance instructions  for  repair  of  the  engine  and  components/parts  authorized  for  direct  support and general support levels. b. Each section has a task summary listing procedures covered in that section. 3-2. GENERAL a. This  section  provides  general  instructions  for  lifting,  draining,  cleaning,  inspection,  wear  limits  and  tolerances,  repair,  and assembly of the engine and component parts. b. Use the following guidelines during maintenance of the engine: (1) Physically check all tags and forms attached to the equipment to determine the reason for its removal from service, and check  that  all  equipment  changes  or  modifications  from  Technical  Bulletins  (TB)  and  Modification  Work  Orders  (MWO)  have  been accomplished. (2) Following the procedures provided, disassemble the equipment, and inspect and evaluate each component to determine extent of repair required to bring the equipment to the standards specified in this manual. (3) As components and accessories are removed, note clearances and any fit problems.  Record these to serve as a guide during repair and assembly. (4) Repair and replacement standards for engine components are in Appendix F. (5) Engine valve and injector adjustments are in paragraph 3-85. (6) Engine retarder adjustments are in paragraph 3-86. (7) On-engine fuel pump adjustments are in paragraph 3-93. c. Publications  which  provide  additional  information  on  general  shop  practice  techniques,  preservation,  welding,  sheet  metal work, etc., are listed in Appendix A of this manual. d. To find a particular general maintenance instruction, use the task summary (para. 3-3). 3-1


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