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TM 9-2815-225-34&P Section II.  DISASSEMBLY 3-11. GENERAL a. This section provides maintenance procedures for preparation of engine for mounting on maintenance stand, removal of major components, and disassembly into subassemblies.  The following procedures are for the engine removed from the vehicle. b. In cases where it may only be necessary, or more time efficient, to partially disassemble the engine while installed in vehicle, follow the applicable portions of the tasks contained in this section to remove the part or component. c. In  the  task  summary  listed  below,  a  complete  list  of  special  tools,  test  equipment,  materials,  parts,  and  related  information required  to  perform  a  complete  engine  disassembly  is  provided.    To  find  a  specific  engine  disassembly  procedure  contained  in  this section, see list of tasks below. 3-12. TASK SUMMARY List of Tasks TASK PROCEDURES TASK TROUBLESHOOTING PARA. REF.  NO.  (PARA.) 1. Mounting Engine on Maintenance Stand 3-13 2-8 a.  Lifting 3-13a b.  Draining 3-13b c.  Cleaning 3-13c d.  Inspection 3-13d e.  Component Removal 3-13e f.  Mounting to Maintenance Stand 3-13f 2.   Vibration Damper and Crankshaft Pulley Removal 3-14 2-8 3. Accessory Drive Pulley Removal 3-15 4. Fuel Pump Removal 3-16 2-8 5. Air Compressor Removal 3-17 2-8 6. Accessory Drive Housing Assembly Removal 3-18 2-8 7. Oil Pump Removal 3-19 2-8 8. Air Aftercooler Removal 3-20 2-8 9. Engine Retarder Removal 3-21 2-8 10. Rocker Arm Housing Assembly and Pushrods Removal 3-22 2-8 11. Injector Assembly Removal 3-23 2-8 12. Cylinder Head Assembly Removal 3-24 2-8 13. Flexplate or Flywheel, Flywheel Housing, and Rear Cover Removal 3-25 2-8 14. Oil Pan Removal 3-26 2-8 15. Front Gear Cover Removal 3-27 2-8 3-8


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