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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(2) Indications located more than 1 in. from major axis on centerline (8) of adjacent web (measured
circumferentially) must not exceed following limits:
(a) Light open indication in or entering fillets (5) are acceptable if 3/16 in. long or less. Light subsurface
indications are acceptable.
(b) Light open indications on crankpin (2) and main journal walls (7) or bearing surfaces that extend
closer than 1/8 in. to fillet (5) but do not enter fillet, are acceptable if 1/4 in. or less. Light subsurface
indications are acceptable.
(c) Nicks on corners (16) of we bs (17) are not acceptable. The part will be acceptable if the nick can be
removed by grinding a 1/8 in. radius on the corner.
(d) Imperfections on web periphery (21) may be ground out to a depth of 1/8 in. maximum using a 1-1/2
in. minimum radius grinding wheel, provided balance limits are maintained.
(e) Light open indications that pass within 3/16 in. of a crankpin hole (1) are acceptable if 1/2 in. long or
less and does not enter oil hole chamfer or intersect 45 + 10 diagonal.  Only those subsurface
indications that lay closer than 1/16 in. to the surface (measured at the chamfer at 45 + 10 diagonal)
are not acceptable. All other subsurface indications are acceptable.
(3) Light open indications that enter chamfer of any main bearing oil hole (14) are acceptable if they are 3/8 in.
or less. Subsurface indications ending in a main bearing oil hole (14) are acceptable.
(4) Fine subsurface salt and pepper type indications are permitted on upper and lower sides of crankpins (2) on
the trimming line.
(5) Open longitudinal indications within region (15) which are less than 1-1/8 in. on main journal surfaces (15),
and 7/8 in. long on crankpin surfaces (19) are acceptable after the sharp edges have been honed 0.002 -
0.004 in. below journal surface.
(6) Longitudinal subsurface indications within area (15) or (19) are acceptable.
(7) Parallel open indications that met requirements of (4) above, and other requirements on length and
frequency, are acceptable.
(8) Parallel subsurface indications are acceptable.


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