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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
(9) Indications that contain loose or foreign particles or voids left by such particles are not acceptable.
(10) Not more than three open indications are to appear on any one journal (15) or crankpin (2). Scattered
small, open, or subsurface indications, four per crankpin (2), and six per main bearing (15), 1/8 in. long or
less, if not forming part of a long intermittent indication or entering an oil hole (1) or (14), or fillet (4), will not
be counted as indications in arriving at the total number permitted. However, if in addition to showing the
maximum number of acceptable indications for the whole crankshaft, the-part also shows many widely
scattered short indications, it must be rejected.
(11) An inclusion which is intermittently open and subsurface shall be considered and measured as an open
indication after the original indication has been wiped off.  The entire modification must first meet the
requirements for subsurface limits.
(12) Open and subsurface indications on counterweights and crankthrow bevel outside the critical region are
(13) Open seams on web periphery that show depth on crankpin wall (10) may be removed from web periphery
with a 1/2 in. radius wheel, provided at least 1/16 in. remains above crankpin fillet (6) after repair and
balance limits are maintained.
(14) Seams or indications outside the critical region that extend over crank web periphery (21) but are not visible
on the crankpin wall are acceptable.
(15) Indications due to weld defects are not acceptable in the counterweight welds. Indications at flank cheek
corner (23) may be ground out and blended to a depth not exceeding 1/4 X 5/8 in. long.
(16) Open longitudinal indications in the thrust flange fillets (24) longer than 3/8 in. are not acceptable.
(17) Limits of indications on the oil seal surface (11) (which, when wiped clean do not show sharp edges) are
(18) After inspection where coil shot is used, give cranksha ft head shot to put magnetic poles at ends of crank,
not throws. The residual magnetic field should not exceed two units on the Magna Flux Field Indication or


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