Quantcast Chamfer piston pin bore.

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TM 9-2815-226-34-1
Boring machine 3375115 is used to resize connecting rod bore and bore oversize
(thick wall) piston pin bushing (if required).
(12) Mount rod on boring machine.
Instruction book furnished with machine provides machine operating
(13) Line bore crankpin bore to 3.3160 to 3.3165 in. (84.2264 to 84.2391 mm).
(14) Finished surface must be to 75 microfinish or better to ensure pr oper contact with connecting rod bearing
(15) Remove rod from machine.
c. Chamfer piston pin bore.
ST-861 chamfering tool is only used on rods which do not have chamfers on piston
pin bushing bores. Piston pin bushing must be removed in order to chamfer bore.
(1) Place rod on ST-1242 block and secure rod in horizontal position.
(2) Place ST-861-4 special bushing into rod bore.
(3) Loosen two setscrews retaining tool bit to holder.


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