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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
c. Install solenoid valve assembly.
(1) Install lower seal ring (7) in housing (20).
(2) Install upper seal ring (5) and center seal ring (6) on solenoid valve (4).
(3) Lubricate seal rings with engine oil.
(4) Carefully screw solenoid valve (4) assembly into brake housing (20).
(5) Install terminal (10) into housing (20).
(6) Secure solenoid electrical harness (3) to brake housing connector terminal (10).
d. Install control valve assembly.
(1) Install ball check valve and spring into control valve and secure with retainer. Screw retainer into valve until
match marks aline.
(2) Lubricate exterior of control valve (21) with engine oil and slide valve into brake housing.
(3) Place inner spring (23) and outer spring (22) onto valve (21).
(4) Compress spring with cover (1) and secure plate with socket head capscrew (2).
Slave piston adjustment is made upon installation of retarder housing.
e. Wipe brake housing clean and wrap in protective paper.


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