Quantcast Install piston cooling oil spray nozzles.

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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Install air governor (TM 9-2320-281-20).
Install fuel pump (TM 9-2320-281-34).
Install water manifold and thermostat housing (TM 9-2320-281-34).
Install water filter and mount bracket (TM 9-2320-281-20).
Install piston cooling oil spray nozzles.
New nozzles are furnished with O-rings installed.
Lightly lubricate new O-ring and slip it on ST-835 O-ring assembly tool.
Insert oil spray nozzle into tool so that O-ring groove on nozzle is alined with end of tool.
Carefully slide O-ring off tool and into 0-ring groove. Ensure that O-ring is not twisted in groove.
Perform same procedures with remaining five nozzles.
Carefully insert nozzles into block and secure with capscrews.
Torque capscrews to 10 ft lbs (14 Nm).


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