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TM 9-2815-226-34-2
Adjust injectors and valves.
Rotate engine until "A" mark on accessory drive pulley is alined with pointer on front gear cover.
In this position, both valves for cylinder no. 5 must be closed and their rocker levers must be free
to move. No. 3 cylinder injector plunger link must be at top of its travel.
If rocker levers not free and plunger link not at top of travel, rotate engine one complete turn
(360) and realine pulley "A" mark with gear cover pointer.
Turn no. 3 cylinder injector rocker lever adjusting screw down until all lash is removed from
injector train.
Tighten adjusting screw one additional turn to properly seat injector link and to squeeze oil from
socket surface.
Back adjusting screw off until spring retainer washer in fuel injector contacts top stop screw.


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