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TM 9--2815--247--34 0019 00--5 ENGINE RUN--IN -- CONTINUED 0019 00 Preparation for Run--in -- Continued Check operation of electrical fuel shutoff. Open bleeder valves on the primary fuel filter and the fuel/water separator filter. Turn on source supply fuel pump and bleed air from filters. Close bleeder valves when fuel flows from both bleeder valves. WARNING Do not attempt to start engine unless the fuel shutoff con- nector is connected. Personnel may be injured if a fire occurs and the fuel supply cannot be shut off. Crank engine several revolutions with the fuel shutoff in the “OFF” position to make certain the engine is not hydro- statically locked and is otherwise free and until oil pressure gauge moves. Wash all fuel and oil from the engine. Run--in CAUTION Do not operate the starter motor continuously for more than 30 seconds. Damage to starter may occur. Allow a two--minute cool--off period before attempting to start the engine again. Start the engine with the throttle lever in idle position. Oil pressure should be a minimum of 15 psi (103 kpa) within 20 seconds. CAUTION Do not run engine longer than 10 minutes at 825--875 rpm without cooling fans. Damage to engine from over- heating will occur. Run the engine at 825--875 rpm and check for fuel and oil leaks. Should leakage be detected, immediately shut off engine and repair. After five minutes of operation, check oil level and add sufficient amount of proper grade oil to bring oil level to “FULL” mark on oil level gauge rod (TM 9--2350--292--10). Oil level must be determined with en- gine idling. Stop engine. Remove two nuts and two fan rotor hub sleeve spacers. Install engine cooling fans and fans vanes (TM 9--2350--292--20).


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