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TM 9--2815--247--34 0027 00--3 ROCKER ARM COVER ASSEMBLY REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0027 00 Inspection 1.   Inspect rocker arm cover assembly (2) for cracks, using a magnifying glass and a strong light. Replace any cracked rocker arm cover assembly. 2.   Check straight shaft (5) for cracks, scores and metal pick up or plugged oil passages. Replace any cracked, deeply scored or plugged straight shafts. 3.   Measure outside diameter of straight shaft (5). Replace straight shafts that do not meet the following limits: REF NO. POINT OF MEASUREMENT SIZES AND FITS OF NEW PARTS inches (mm) WEAR LIMITS 5 Outside diameter of rocker arm straight shaft 0.7480 (18.9992) 0.7485 (19.0119) 0.7470 (18.9738) 4.   Inspect adjusting screw (7) for stripped or damaged threads. Replace adjusting screw (7) if damaged. 5.   Check adjusting screw (7) by turning in and out of rocker arm (8). Replace adjusting screw (7) that does not turn freely. 6.   Check swivel pad (9) for free rotation on adjusting screw (7). Replace adjusting screw (7) if swivel pad (9) does not rotate freely. Figure 9 7 9 5 8 2


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