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TM 9--2815--247--34 0070 00--12 CONNECTING ROD ASSEMBLY AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR -- CONTINUED 0070 00 Installation -- Continued 3.   Position connecting rods (3) on crankshaft in proper location according to their identifying number (7). CAUTION Connecting rod Nos. 1R and 1L are assembled on the journal at the damper flange end of the crankshaft. Right bank rods (marked R) are installed on the damper flange side of the journal. All location numbers must be visible from the oil pan side when crankshaft and rods are installed in the block. Failure to comply will result in pre- mature failure. 4.   Position connecting rod cap (2), with bearing installed, on journal and mate it with the corresponding rod (3). 5.   Apply lubricant to rod bolt threads (13) and nut seat (15) then install nuts (1) with seat toward connecting rod cap (2). 6.   Torque tighten both nuts (1) alternately to 100--150 lb--in (11.3--16.95 NSm); then to 50--54 lb--ft (67.8--73 NSm); then to 104--108 lb--ft (141--146 NSm); then to a final torque of 150--154 lb--ft (203.4--209 NSm). Figure 8 2 13 1 15 3 7


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