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TM 9--2815--247--34 0072 00--1 VALVES AND ASSOCIATED PARTS REPAIR 0072 00 THIS WORK PACKAGE COVERS: Installation, Repair INITIAL SETUP: Tools and Special Tools General mechanic’s tool kit (item 19, WP 0103 00) Outside micrometer caliper set (item 9, WP 0103 00) Spring resiliency tester (item 46, WP 0103 00) Materials/Parts Prussian blue (item 17, WP 0100 00) Equipment Conditions Cylinder head assembly removed (WP 0059 00) Valves removed (WP 0061 00) Inspection 1.   Inspect exhaust (1) and intake (2) valves for evidence of pitting, imperfect seating, cracks, or warpage on valve head. Replace cracked, badly pitted, or badly warped valves. NOTE Heavy discoloration, burning, erosion, or heavy carbon deposit on valve face indicates a warped valve. A light frosted appearance or minor discoloration on valve face does not indicate a warped or unserviceable valve. 2.   Inspect exhaust (1) and intake (2) valve stems and the locking groove in the stems for pitting, scoring, cracks, or damaged tips. Replace valves when stems are badly pitted, scored, cracked, or have damaged tips. Figure 9 1 2


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