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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-15.   INJECTION PUMP REPLACEMENT (continued). 5. Remove four nuts (9) from injection pump (7). NOTE ·  To  remove  injection  pump  from  crankcase,  control  rack  of  injection  pump  must be positioned under cutout in crankcase. ·  The   number   of   gaskets   to   be   removed   will   vary.      Refer   to   the   first   note   in subparagraph c. 6. Position  control  rack  of  injection  pump  (7)  under  cutout  in  crankcase  (4),  and  remove  injection  pump  (7)  and gaskets (10) from crankcase (4).  Discard gaskets. b. CLEANING AND INSPECTION WARNING Drycleaning  solvent  P-D-680  is  toxic and flammable. Always wear protective   goggles   and   gloves,   and use   only   in   a   well-ventilated   area. Avoid   contact   with   skin,   eyes,   and clothes,  and  do  not  breathe  vapors. Do    not    use    near    open    flame    or excessive heat. 1. Clean injection pump and cavity in crankcase with drycleaning solvent and rag. 2. Measure governor lever (8).  It should measure 3.88 inches + 0.03 inch (98.5 mm = 0.8 mm).  If measurement is not correct,  adjust  it  by  loosening  jamnut  and  turning  governor  lever  (8)  in  or  out  to  shorten  or  lengthen  it.    Tighten jamnut when length is correct. 3-51


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