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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-18.   VALVE ADJUSTMENT (continued). b. Using  feeler  gage,  measure  the  clearance  between  rocker  arm  (4)  and  valve  stem  (5)  on  intake  valve  (3)  and exhaust valve (6) of cylinder no.  1.  Clearance should be 0.004 inch (0.102 mm). c. To adjust clearance, loosen nut (7) and turn adjusting screw (2) so that, after tightening nut (7), clearance is correct. d. Rotate  flywheel  (1)  clockwise  180  degrees.    Intake  valve  (3)  and  exhaust  valve  (6)  of  cylinder  no.    2  will  be  fully closed.  Repeat steps b and c for both valves (3 and 6) in cylinder no.  2. FOLLOW-ON TASKS:   Install rocker arm cover (para 2-17). 3-59


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