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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-19.   FLOW CONTROL VALVE ADJUSTMENT. This Task Covers: Adjustment Initial Setup: Tools/Test Equipment:    Gasket (2) (Item 16, Appendix F)    Fuel-test set (Item 12, Appendix G)    O-ring (2) (Item 17, Appendix F)    Fuel-testing device (Item 13, Appendix G)    General mechanic's tool kit Equipment Conditions: (Item 14, Appendix G)    Airflow deflectors removed as needed (para 2-24).    Indicator dial (Item 16, Appendix G)    Fuel pressure pipes removed (para 2-23).    Wrench (Item 36, Appendix G)    Vehicle fuel supply connected to injection pump (refer to TM 9-2350-293-20). Materials/Parts:    Rubber band (Item 8, Appendix D)    Crankcase gasket set (Item 1, Appendix F) ADJUSTMENT NOTE ·  The flow control valve should be adjusted only if any of the following conditions exist:  The flow control valve has been replaced; the engine lacks power; or the engine emits smoke after start-up, during operation. ·  The   fuel   quantity   injected   is   determined   by   the   travel   of   the   pump   plunger between start and end of delivery.  This dimension is specified in millimeters on the engine data plate located on the flywheel air duct. a. Turn  flywheel  (2)  clockwise  until  26-degree  mark  on  flywheel  (2)  is  aligned  with  "PM"  mark  on  flywheel  airflow deflector (1). 3-60


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