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TM 9-2815-250-24&P 3-9. PISTON AND COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPAIR (continued). d. ASSEMBLY NOTE Piston  head  must  be  installed  so  the  pocket  is  on  the  same  side  of  the  piston assembly as the notches in the connecting rod and connecting rod cap. 1. If piston (15) is being replaced, place piston (15) on  connecting  rod  (1)  with  pocket  in  piston  (15) facing the same direction as notches in connecting   rod   (1).      Install   piston   pin   (16)   in piston  (15)  and  connecting  rod  (1)  and  secure with  two  new  retaining  rings  (17).    Repeat  for other piston, if necessary. NOTE There are two pistons on the engine. Repeat   steps   2   and   3   for   each   of them. 2. Install   three   piston   rings   (14)   on   piston   (15). See  diagram  for  correct  location  and  orientation of piston rings.  Stagger three ring gaps so they are  120  degrees  apart  and  no  ring  gap  is  over piston  pin  (16)  or  directly  above  or  below  other ring gaps. 3. Remove two screws (6) and connecting rod cap (5)   from   connecting   rod   (1).      Place   two   new sleeve bearing halves (18) in connecting rod (1) and connecting rod cap (5). 3-35


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