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ARMY TM 9-2815-255-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-95-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/4 c. Stan two capscrews (1) and washers (2) in crankshaft.  Do not tighten until guide studs are removed and other two capscrews (1) and washers (2) are started. d. Install timing pin (JDE-81-4) to hold flywheel in place while tightening capscrews. e. Tighten capscrews (1) to 120 ft-lbs (163 Nm). f. Install starter, refer to paragraph 3-12.7. 3-36.  REAR CRANKSHAFT OIL SEAL/WEAR SLEEVE ASSEMBLY. 3-36.1.  Removal. a. Remove flywheel, refer to paragraph 3-35.1. b. Drill a small hole through seal casing at three locations (equally spaced). c. Use a slide hammer/puller and a sheet metal screw to pull seal (5, FIGURE 3-105) from housing.  Discard seal. CAUTION Do not gouge flange of crankshaft with chisel.  Nicks or burrs should be removed with a medium grit stone or polishing cloth (180 grit or finer). d. Carefully cut wear sleeve off crankshaft flange using a small cold chisel. WARNING Cleaning solvent Is flammable and toxic to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract Skin/eye protection required.  Avoid repeated/prolonged contact.  Good general ventilation Is normally adequate. NOTE The   unitized   design   will   not   allow   the   seal   to   be   separated   from   the   wear   sleeve   without destroying the sleeve. e. Clean OD of crankshaft flange with cleaning solvent P-D-680 remove sealant from flange. f. Look for nicks or burrs on wear ring surface and bore in flywheel housing.  If necessary, use polishing cloth. g. Finish cleaning by wiping flange with a clean rag. 3-6.2.  Installation WARNING Cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract Skin/eyc  protection required.    Avoid  repeated/prolonged  contact  Good  general  ventilation  Is  normally  adequate. Failure to follow this procedure could result In personal Injury or death. a. For proper adhesion and sealing, clean OD of crankshaft flange and ID of wear ring with dry cleaning solvent (P- 680) just prior to application of sealant.  Make sure that OD of crankshaft flange and ID of seal housing bore are free from nicks or burrs. 3-152


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