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ARMY TM 9-2815-256-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-96-2 MARINE CORPS TM 2815-24/5 (2) Place  pump  housing  on  an  arbor  press  with  mounting  flange  upward.   Be  sure  housing  rests  flat  on  arbor  , press plate. (3) Position  installation  tool  with  seal  above  pump  housing  and  press  seal  into  reduced  diameter  at  bottom  of housing bore. (4) Place oil seal (45, FIGURE 3-73) at opposite end of installation tool with lip of removable collar inside seal case (garter spring side faces tool), refer to FIGURE 3-92. FIGURE 3-92.  Installing Seals and Bearing (5) Position  installation  tool  with  seal  above  pump  housing  and  press  seal  into  housing  until  it  bottoms  with  no excessive force. (6) Remove the collar from installation tool.  Slide bearing (46, FIGURE 3-73) onto tool in place of collar.  Bearing must be placed with part number facing against tool shoulder, refer to FIGURE 3-92. (7) Position  installation  tool  with  bearing  above  pump  housing  and  press  bearing  into  housing  until  it  bottoms. Check rollers for free movement. CAUTION To prevent damage to the teflon seal when installing drive shaft (42, FIGURE 3-73), use protection tube supplied in bearing and seal kit. (8) Slide protection tube (refer to FIGURE 3-93) over the drive shaft (42, FIGURE 3-73) and insert into drive end of pump housing until largest diameter of shaft is flush with bearing (46). (9) Remove protection tube from inside housing.  discard tube, do not reuse it. (10) Using snap ring Pliers, install thrust bearing (41) into counter bore located in neck of housing. (11) Slide thrust washer (40), aligned with flat, and then spring washer (39) onto drive shaft.  Secure with retaining ring (38). 3-112


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