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ARMY TM 9-2815-260-24 AIR FORCE TO 38G1-126-2 MARINE CORPS TM 09244A/09245A-24 5-72 (7) Remove oil pan, refer to paragraph 4.5.3. (8) Remove oil pump and outlet tube, refer to paragraph 5.4.8. (9) Mark rods (5, Figure 5-72), pistons (4), and rod caps (2) to insure correct assembly in same location. CAUTION Ensure that bearings are kept with same rod caps and rods from which they are removed.  Failure to comply could result in excessive engine wear. (10) Remove capscrews (1), rod cap (2) and rod cap bearing (3). NOTE Use PLASTIGAGE as directed by the manufacturer.  PLASTIGAGE will determine bearing-to-journal oil clearance, but will not indicate the condition of either surface. (11) Measure rod bearing (6) to crankshaft oil clearance using PLASTIGAGE before removing piston (4) and rod (5).  Record measurements. Refer to paragraph 5.4.5.b.2(h). CAUTION Hold on to piston to prevent piston from dropping.  Piston will drop once piston rings have cleared cylinder liner.  Failure to comply could result in damage to piston or rod. CAUTION Do not allow rod to hit cylinder liner bore when removing piston and rod assembly.  Failure to comply could result in damage to cylinder liner. (12) Gently tap bottom of piston (4) until piston is clear of cylinder block.  Remove piston (4) and rod (5) assembly.  Remove rod bearing (6). (13) Repeat steps 9-12 for all cylinders. (14) Cover all openings to prevent entry of foreign material. b.    Repair. The following procedure is provided for repairing the pistons and connecting rods.  Remove pistons and connecting rods (refer to paragraph step a. above) and place on a suitable workbench.  Disassemble per the following steps: (1)   Disassemble the pistons per the following steps: (a) Remove piston (4, Figure 5-72), refer to step a. (b) Remove piston rings (7) using Piston Ring Expander.


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