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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
Table 2-2 (PMCS table) has been provided so you can keep your equipment in good operating condition and
ready for its primary mission.
2.2.1.  Warnings, Cautions, and Notes.  Always observe the WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, and NOTES
appearing in your PMCS table.  Warnings and cautions appear before applicable procedures.  You must
observe WARNINGS to prevent serious injury to yourself and others. You must observe CAUTIONS to prevent
your equipment from being a damaged.  You must observe NOTES to ensure procedures are performed
2.2.2.  Explanation of Table Entries.
The PMCS table is divided into five columns.
Each column is
explained in the following paragraphs. Item No. Column. Numbers in this column are for reference. When completing DA Form 2404
(Army), AFTO Form 244/245 (Air Force), (Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet), include the item
number for the check/service indicating a fault. Item numbers also appear in the order that you must do checks
and services for the intervals listed. Interval Column. This column tells you when you must do the procedure in the procedure column.
"BEFORE" procedures must be done before you operate the equipment for its intended mission. "DURING"
procedures must be done during the time you are operating the equipment for its intended mission. "AFTER"
procedures must be done immediately after you have operated the equipment. Perform "WEEKLY" procedures
at the listed interval. Location. Item to Check/Service Column. This column lists the location and the item to be checked
or serviced. The item location is underlined. Procedure Column. This column gives the procedure for checking or servicing the item listed in the
location, item to check/service column. You must perform the procedure to know if the power unit or power
plant is ready or available for its intended mission or operation. You must do the procedure at the time stated
in the interval column. Not Fully Mission Capable if Column. Information in this column tells you what faults will keep your
equipment from being capable of performing its primary mission. If you make checks or services that show
faults listed in this column, do not operate the equipment.
2.2.3. Other Table Entries. Be sure to observe all special information and notes that appear in your table.
2.2.4. Special Instructions. Preventive maintenance is not limited to performing the checks and services
listed in the PMCS table.  Covering unused receptacles, stowing unused accessories, and other routine
procedures such as equipment inventory, cleaning components, and touch-up painting are not listed in the
table. These are things you should do any time you see that they need to be done. If a routine check is listed
in the PMCS table, it is because experience has shown that problems may occur with this item. Take along
tools and cleaning cloths needed to perform the required checks and services. Use the information in the
following paragraphs to help you identify problems at any time. Use the following information to help identify
potential problems before and during checks and services.


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