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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
2.3.5. Auxiliary Fuel Source. Each generator set has provisions for obtaining fuel from an external source.
This enables operation for long intervals without frequent refilling of the fuel tanks.
Before performing any maintenance that requires climbing on or under trailer, make sure
that trailer handbrakes are set and trailer is supported to prevent rolling or tipping.
The fuel in this generator set is highly explosive. Do not smoke or use open flame within 50
feet of generator set when performing maintenance. Flames and explosion could result in
severe personal injury or death.
Make sure that the fuel container adapter components are clean.
Before connecting fuel hose to power plant auxiliary fuel fill connection, ensure both valves
are in the OFF position, refer to figure 2-7.
a. Place external fuel source away, but no more than 25 feet (7.6 meters) away, from the equipment.
b. Remove fuel container adapter (figure 2-7) from accessory box. The fuel container adapter consists
of strainer clamp (1), adapter (2), pipe (3), and extension pipe (4).
c. Thread fuel pipe (3) into adapter (2). Thread extension pipe (4) into fuel pipe (3).
d. Remove auxiliary fuel hose from generator set.
e. Make sure that fittings on auxiliary fuel hose are clean.
f. Thread one end of auxiliary fuel hose into fuel container adapter fitting and tighten.
g. Remove protective cap (5) from power plant auxiliary fuel fill connection (6).
h. Connect free end of fuel hose to fuel fill connector (6) and tighten.
i. Insert fuel container adapter into external fuel source. Secure fuel container adapter by pressing down
on strainer clamp (1).
j. Turn fuel valve (7) ON to supply fuel to generator set 1 and fuel valve (8) to supply fuel to generator
set 2.


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