Quantcast Operating a Single Generator Set.

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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
g. Place AC CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER (4) switch in the closed position.
h. Check switch box to make sure that DS 1 or DS2 (5 or 6) indicator lights are on.
i. At the switch box, set the INPUT switch S 1 or S2 (7 or 8), which corresponds with the indicator light
that turned on in step h, in the ON (up) position.
j. Close the input control access cover on the switch box and secure.
k. Place OUTPUT circuit breaker(s) (CB1 through CB4) (9) to the ON (up) position, corresponding light
DS3-DS6 should lit. Generator is now supplying power to load.
l. Perform the PMCS listed as "DURING " in Table 2-2.
m. To shut down generator set, place OUTPUT circuit breaker (s) (CB 1 through CB4 (9)) to the OFF
(down) position
n. On the switch box, place the switch, S1 or S2 (7 or 8), for the operating generator in the OFF (down)
o. Place AC CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER SWITCH (4) in the OPEN position.
Before shutting generator set off, allow it to operate five minutes with no load applied.
p. On the generator control panel rotate the MASTER switch (1) to the OFF position.


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