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ARMY TM 9-6115-666-13&P
AIR FORCE TO 35C2-3-505-1
When you use an NSN to requisition an item, the item you receive may have a difference
part number from the part ordered.
C.3.2.6. DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE (UOC) (COLUMN (5)). This column includes the following
a. The Federal item name and, when required, a minimum description to identify the item.
b. The statement 'END OF FIGURE" appears just below the last item description in Column (5) for a
given figure in both section II and section III.
C.3.2.7. QTY (Column (6)). Indicates the quantity of the item used in the breakdown shown on the illustration
figure, which is prepared for a functional group, subfunctional group, or an assembly. A "V" appearing in this
column in lieu of a quantity indicates that the quantity is variable and the quantity may vary from application to
C.4.1.1. STOCK NUMBER column . This column lists the NSN by National item identification number (NIIN)
sequence. The NUN consists of the last nine digits of the NSN. When using this column to locate an item,
ignore the first four digits of the NSN. When requisitioning items use the complete NSN (13 digits) sequence.
C.4.1.2. FIG. column . This column lists the number of the figure where the item is identified/located. The
illustrations are in numerical sequence in sections II and III.
C.4.1.3. ITEM column . The item number identifies the item associated with the figure listed in the adjacent
Fig. Column. This item is also identified by the NSN listed on the same line.
Part numbers in this index are listed by part number in ascending
alphanumeric sequence.
C.4.2.1. CAGEC column. This column lists the Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGEC).
C.4.2.2. PART NUMBER column . This column indicates the part number assigned to the item.
C.4.2.3. STOCK NUMBER column . This column lists the National stock number for the associated part
number and manufacturer identified in the part number and CAGEC columns to the left.
C.4.2.4. FIG. column . This column lists the number of the figure where the item is identified located in
sections II and III.
C.4.2.5. ITEM column . The item number is that number assigned to the item as it appears in the figure
referenced in the adjacent figure number column.


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