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TM 9-8000
(1) When Inlet air temperature is below 1000F
(3) The temperature sensor will at times also
(37.80C), the temperature sensor will allow full vacuum
bleed off only a portion of vacuum, causing the damper
to flow to the operating diaphragm, pulling the damper
door to remain between the hot and cold position. This
door to the heated air position.
will regulate the temperature by providing a blend of hot
and cold air.
(2) When the Inlet air Is over 115F (46.10C),
the temperature sensor will bleed manifold vacuum off
(4) At any time the engine Is heavily accel-
Into the atmosphere.  This will cause the diaphragm
erated, the manifold vacuum will drop and the damper
spring to push the damper door Into the unheated fresh
door will move to the fresh air Intake position.
air position.
Figure 4-61. 4-38


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