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TM 9-8000
d. Air-conditioning Solenoid (Fig. 4-60). The air-
dieseling (para 4-40). A sensing switch is located in the
intake manifold to shut off the idle system whenever
conditioning solenoid is used on some engines to boost
manifold vacuum is excessively high, to prevent excess
engine  idle  speed  whenever  the  air-conditioner
amounts of fuel from being sucked in through the idle
compressor is running. This compensates for the load
port during deceleration.
placed on the engine, thus preventing stalling.  Its
operation is similar to the Antidiesel solenoid described in
f. Heated Air Intake System (Fig. 4-62). Most later
the preceding subparagraph.
model vehicles are fitted with a heated air intake system
e.  Idle Solenoid System (Flg.  4-61).  The idle
to provide the best performance in all temperatures with
leaner fuel mixtures. The heated air intake system uses
solenoid system serves the same purposes as the
a damper door in the air filter snorkel to select either cold
degasser system described in paragraph 4-23.  The
fresh air intake or heated air that is ducted from a heat
system uses a solenoid whose operation is similar to the
stove on the exhaust manifold.  The damper door is
ones used in the two preceding subparagraphs.  The
moved by a diaphragm that operates by manifold
solenoid operates a needle valve that opens and closes
vacuum. The position of the damper door is determined
the carburetor idle port. The needle valve is in a normally
by a temperature sensor.  The system will keep the
closed position.  The solenoid is activated when the
temperature of the intake air at about 1000 to 1150F
ignition switch is turned on, opening the needle valve.
(37.80 to 46.1C). Operation is as follows:
The purpose of shutting off the idle system with the
Figure 4-60. 4-37


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