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TM 9-8000
equipment, and allows the supply pump to share the
that will build pressure only up to a predetermined point.
same engine power takeoff as the injection pump.
b. Operation.
5-21.  Vane-Type Supply Pump.  The basic overall
(1)  The plunger follows the camshaft by the
operation of the vane-type supply pump is the same as
force of its plunger spring. As the follower comes off the
the vane-type oil pump (para 20-6)
high point of the cam lobe, the plunger moves toward the
retracted position.  This plunger movement creates a
Plunger-Type Supply Pump (Fig. 5-22).
suction in the pump chamber, causing fuel to enter
through the inlet valve.
a. This type of pump always is mounted on the
Injection pump, where it is driven by the injection pump
camshaft.  It is a variable-stroke, self regulating pump
Figure 5-22. Plunger-Type Supply Pump.


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