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TM 9-8000
bore in the housing guides and supports the spider
Section VI. 5-28.General. Alarge percentage of fuel Injection
assembly. A timing opening with cover Is located in the
pumps have timing devices incorporated in them.
top of the housing and is used to observe the position of
Varying the time when fuel injection begins will improve
the timing pointer in relation to the timing mark on the
diesel engine performance and fuel economy for the
timing  device  hub  during  injection  pump  timing
same reasons that varying spark timing will improve the
performance of a gasoline engine(para2-25).
b. The timing device hub, with external left hand
Description (Fig. 5-25).
helical splines for engaging the internal helical splines of
the sliding gear, has a tapered
a. The timing device usually consists of an
aluminum casting with mounting flanges at both ends. A
Figure 5-25. Timing Device.


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