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TM 9-8000
Figure 7-4. Muffler
emissions go up with any Increases In combustion
a. Draft Tube System (Fig. 7-6). Older vehicles
chamber temperatures. Knowing these facts, it can be
used a very simple system that vented blowby to the
seen  that  auxiliary emission  control  devices  are
atmosphere through a draft tube. The draft tube extends
from an area of the crankcase that is above oil level to a
point of exit that projects straight downward under the
vehicle. The outlet of the tube Is cut on a slant upward
7.7.  Crankcase Ventilation Controls.  Any piston
toward the rear of the vehicle. With this shape outlet, a
engine creates blowby (para 3-6) as it operates.  The
suction Is created by the forward
pressure created in the crankcase by blowby must be
relieved by venting.
Figure 7-5. Vehicle Emissions


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