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TM 9-8000
Figure 7-8. Catalytic Converter
tremendous amount of heat. This causes the outer shell
aluminum oxide pellets that have a very thin coating of
operate consistently at
the catalytic material (A, fig. 7-8). Aluminum oxide has a
temperatures that are several hundred degrees higher
very  rough  outer  surface,  giving  each  pellet  a
than the rest of the exhaust system. The outer shell of
tremendous amount of surface area. The converter also
the catalytic converter usually Is made of stainless steel
contains baffles to ensure maximum exposure of the
to cope with these high operating temperatures.
exhaust to the catalyst.
(2) Because platinum and palladium are both
(b)  Another type of converter uses a
very precious metals and the catalyst must have a
monolithic  (one-piece)  ceramic  structure  In  a
tremendous amount of surface area in order to work
honeycomb-type  form  (B, fig. 7-8). The structure is
properly, it has been found that the following internal
coated thinly with the catalytic material. The honeycomb
structures work best for a catalytic converter.
shape of the structure has a tremendous surface area to
ensure maximum exposure of exhaust gases to the
(a) One type of converter Is filled with


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