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TM 9-8000
Figure 8-15. Combination Splash and Force-Feed Lubrication System
from the crankcase to the main bearings and the
journals to the rod bearing journals. In some engines,
camshaft bearings. Unlike the combination system (para
these openings are holes that index (line up) once for
8-18) the connecting rod bearings are also fed oil under
every crankshaft revolution. In other engines, there are
pressure from the pump. Oil passages are drilled in the
annular grooves in the main bearings through which oil
crankshaft in order to lead oil to the connecting rod
can feed constantly into the hole in the crankshaft. The
bearings.  The passages deliver oil from the main
pressurized oil that lubricates the connecting rod
bearings goes
Figure 8-16. Force-Feed Lubrication System.


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